Translation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Language Concepts provides corporations and organizations with high quality ​language-related services in Spanish, English, Portuguese and major Asian languages. 

Our services are performed by experienced and bicultural professionals that possess strong knowledge of specific industries such as health care, insurance, nutraceuticals, online media, among others.

​We work closely with our clients to understand their goals so that we can effectively and accurately communicate their message to their target audiences.  

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Document Translation

We translate all sorts of documents in a wide range of disciplines and subject matters. We translate from and into the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.

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Desktop Publishing

At our clients’ request we can always mirror the format of the original document.  Our bilingual and detailed-oriented designers have extensive knowledge of the most popular software packages to meet your needs and expectations.

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Whether your target audience is the Brazilian market, the U.S. Latino market, or any other Spanish-speaking country in Latin America such as México, Argentina, Perú, etc. you can count our native human resources to help you localize your message and communications to the specific market and dialect.

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Marketing Translation

We are experts at transcreating and adapting marketing communications from English into Spanish and Portuguese and into the major Asian languages in the USA making sure the output not only conveys the same message and impact as the original, but it is culturally appropriate.

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Subtitling and Voiceover

We provide accurately translated, culturally relevant, and timed titles. Our voice-overs are performed by experienced and native talent.

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We convert a spoken language source, such as interviews and focus groups, into written, typewritten or printed form.

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App and Web Translation 

Website translation involves more than translating or localizing the content from one language to another.  Space constraints, functionality, images and graphics need careful consideration.