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Subtitling Translation & Voice Over Services

Voice Over 
Whether you are looking for the perfect voice for narration of a video clip, e-learning program, demo, etc., we have the voice over solution for your needs! If needed, we will transcribe, and translate and/or adapt the script first from and into the following languages: English, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
Great voice overs require more than just reading a script.  The talent must own the message and deliver it as if it was in his or her own words.
Timing is everything.  The voice over must match the action or points on the screen.  When working with existing video, you often can change the timing of the media, so your talent must match the pace of the video.
We couple native speaking talent with experienced directors, to ensure quality performances.
But the best talent is meaningless if the recording is low quality.  Regardless of final delivery media we record broadcast quality audio, which is then mixed and edited by professionals. 
Our goal is to make the voice over feel like part of the original video!
Subtitling is part science and part art.  Many companies have the technology to create subtitles.  But the art is providing localized translation that accurately conveys the meaning, coupled with precision timing. 
If the translation does not flow with the speaker or voice over then the timing will be off.  The subtitle will appear before or after a key moment, losing the impact of your message.
If the translation is too long, then it passes by too quickly and the viewer cannot comfortably read them and watch the video.  If it is too short, then the subtitles stay on screen too long and become distracting.
You can even get tripped up with simple issues such as font, or font color.
At Language Concepts, our experienced Motion Graphics artists work closely with our translators to ensure a look and feel of the subtitles matches your message, moves at a comfortable pace, and seems to be an organic part of your video.

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