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Our Translation Process

We deliver high-quality translations at very competitive rates and with outstanding customer-focused service.

​We are committed to satisfying our clients’ linguistic and communication needs and to surpassing their expectations. We work hand in hand with our clients to make every single project a success. We keep in constant communication from the moment we do the thorough assessment of the project to its final delivery. 
Project management, translation, translation review and proofreading are a standard part of our service.

At Language Concepts, we follow a 5-step process for all translation jobs:

1. Thorough Assessment:
Before starting any translation job, our designated project manager meets with our client to discuss the scope of the project so that we can deliver a translation that completely meets our client’s needs and objectives. This assessment will enable us to learn about the:

  • Type of communication, i.e. document, video, website,

  • Target audience and demographic,

  • Purpose of communication,

  • Required regional variation,

  • Tone of the communication,

  • Required layout and/or format,

  • Timelines and deadline, etc.

2. Glossary Development 
In addition to using translation memory tools to make sure all jobs for the same client have a consistent terminology and message, we prepare and keep a specific glossary per client.  Occasionally, some clients may choose to hand us their internal glossary or actively take part in the selection or approval of terminology.

3. Translation 
Based on the target language, target market and type of document, the translation is assigned to the linguist who is the most qualified to do the job.

4. Translation Review (Editing)
To guarantee a final product is of the highest quality, every translation is reviewed by an experienced and different editor who makes sure concepts and nuances have been accurately translated. The editor will ensure that the text is not only error free, but that it makes sense, and, ultimately, reads as if it were crafted in the target language and for the target audience.  

(Desktop Publishing)
Priced separately and at the request of our clients, we will include translated text into the original layout and design. We use the following DTP software, among others: InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and FrameMaker.

5. Proofreading
Finally, before the translation goes back to the project manager, the designated proofreader will read the final translation to make sure that the text is free of typos, punctuation, and/or spelling errors. At this stage, the designated proofreader will also address the layout, and design.

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