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Marketing translation, not only, requires the translation of one language to another, but it also involves delivering an accurate marketing message, while considering the cultural preferences, local sensitivities, customs and habits of the target market(s).

In addition to understanding the different aspects of marketing, a professional marketing translator should also have proficient skills in copywriting to appropriately promote products/services, and so on.

A marketing translator needs to be knowledgeable about different writing styles while considering the proper adaptation of the style and content to fit the specific culture.

Crafting a successful marketing translation requires various skills, beyond just translating.

A linguistic professional, not only, needs to fully understand the language, but they also need to be creative enough to produce a marketing message for the target market that conveys the same meaning, nuances and tone, without losing the impact of the original message.

The goal is to create a culturally sensitive copy that conveys the client’s message as if it were specifically crafted for the target audience.

At Language Concepts, we pair the target language with a native linguistic professional to keep our marketing translation services as accurate and culturally sensitive as possible.

Marketing Translation Services

International companies that sell their brand in various countries require marketing translation services to appropriately appeal to their foreign consumers.

All marketing content should be thoroughly translated, from social media posts to video scripts, product descriptions, advertisements, broadcasting materials and more.

Here are some factors to keep in mind during the translation of marketing materials:

Marketing Translation Varies from Direct Translations

Marketing translation services require more than direct translations because there are more cultural factors to consider, such as how the brand will be perceived to the new target audience.

While a marketing translation focuses on the target language, a marketing translator needs to have the ability to convey the same marketing message in the target language.

Marketing content is specially tailored to a brand, so it’s important to express the same message during a marketing translation, otherwise, the translation won’t properly resonate the same as it did to its original audience.

For example, American beer brand Coors launched its “Turn it loose” campaign in Spain, and quickly realized that the expression was interpreted as “Suffer from Diarrhea” when translated into Spanish.

While the expression means something playful in one language, it could mean something entirely different in another.

The Marketing Translation Should Have Local Appeal

It’s vital that a professional marketing translator lives in, or is from, the target county, so they fully understand the local culture.

A native translator can understand idiomatic expressions, slang and other linguistic and cultural nuances that a regular translator may not. This is because some languages use words that don’t have direct translations in other languages.

In addition, some expressions, advertising tactics, images, photos and so on, may not be acceptable to the target culture.

Marketing Humor is Different in Every Culture

Metaphors, idioms and humor are often used in advertising and marketing. Humor that’s accepted and understood by one audience may not translate well to another.

It’s important to find a translation company who specializes in marketing translation because they will consider all the cultural preferences to craft a compelling and appealing copy in the target language.

While the marketing translation may not exactly match the original text, the message will still be the same.

Slogans are Challenging in Different Markets

Slogans are carefully crafted to embody the significance of the product so the public will remember the brand.

While slogans are translatable in some markets, they’re challenging in others.

For example, Pepsi marketed their slogan “Come Alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation” in the States. When China attempted to translate this, it read, “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave.”

This inaccurate translation caused Pepsi’s reputation to crash in China.

Brand Consistency

The voice and value of the brand should stay consistent throughout every market you’re advertising to.

At Language Concepts, we help clients assess brand names to avoid any negative connotations, difficulty of pronunciation, existing product or brand association, etc. in Latin American countries.

Consider Your Packaging Design

Selling a product requires marketing materials such as packaging and ad layouts with different colors, images and designs to enhance the brand’s appeal.

The packaging/design of a brand helps consumers identify with the brand. While some colors, images and designs resonate in one culture, they’re excused in another.

For example, in Africa, it’s normal for people to believe that the image on the product label is what’s inside the packaging that they’re buying. Gerber began selling its baby food in Africa and wasn’t successful doing so, due to that cultural misunderstanding.

Product label colors can also affect marketing.

Be cautious using the color white while marketing in the Chinese culture, as it is typically associated with death and the color of choice at funerals. This is the opposite in the U.S., where the color white is recognized as a color of purity, innocence or a fresh start.

Translation of Marketing Materials

There are various aspects to consider during a marketing translation, but the most vital is conveying the same message from the original text.

A professional marketing translator should understand the cultural differences between the original language and target language to accurately translate the marketing materials to the target market.

Language Concepts provides marketing translation services for Hispanic and Asian communities looking to expand their businesses to other markets.

Marketing documents we translate and/or adapt include but are not limited to:

  • Agendas,

  • Advertorials,

  • Brochures,

  • Catalogs,

  • Direct Mails,

  • Emails,

  • Fact Sheets,

  • Invitation Letters,

  • HR Materials,

  • Journals,

  • Marketing Messages,

  • Magazines

  • Meeting Materials,

  • Online Ads,

  • Packaging,

  • Postcards,

  • Press Releases,

  • Presentations,

  • Sales Letters,

  • Surveys,

  • Taglines, & More!

Contact us for any questions or inquiries on our marketing translating services, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Language Concepts LLC

When you invest in document translation services from a translation company that exclusively works with professionally certified translators, you are trusting language experts to transform your documents as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Translation Services in Phoenix AZ

Whether you’re in need of business document translations or general document translations, Language Concepts offers professional translation services for these documents:

  • Agreements & Contracts

  • Brochures

  • Disclosures

  • Editorial Columns

  • Employee Manuals

  • IVRs

  • Press Releases

  • Surveys

  • Telephone Scripts

  • Training Manuals

  • User Manuals

  • Certificates

  • Criminal & Adoption Records

  • Diplomas & Transcripts

  • Divorce Rulings

  • Powers of Attorney, Wills, & More!

Language Concepts’ trusted, high-quality and culturally-sensitive document translations are the result of our efficient business practices and quality assurance process. Document Translation Services Phoenix While our Spanish document translation services are in high-demand, Language Concepts also offers document translations into Portuguese and major Asian languages. Translation services in Phoenix AZ are typically needed by businesses that wish to serve or acquire Spanish-speaking customers who prefer to consume and purchase in their native language. Keep in mind that 42.6% of Phoenix’s population is of Hispanic origin, so various businesses throughout the area could benefit from Language Concepts’ translation services. Industries we serve are:

  • Advertising

  • Business & Finance

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Food & Beverage

  • Games

  • Health Care

  • Immigration

  • Information Technology

  • Insurance

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Mineral & Mining

  • Nutraceutical

  • Online Media & Publishing

  • Real Estate

  • Telecommunications

  • Telemedicine

  • Zoology

  • & More!

Our clients, not only, include businesses, but also individuals who have recently moved to the United States and are searching for certified document translations that will be submitted to immigration services.

Whatever the case may be, Language Concepts has your document translations covered as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Document Translation Services in Phoenix AZ

Language Concepts is committed to providing our clients with the most accurate document translations on the market.

Each of our linguistic experts are native to the language which they’re assigned to translate for so that any culturally sensitive terms or slang are accurately understood and implied.

In addition to document translations, Language Concepts also offers translation reviews, edits and proofreading to ensure accuracy with any documents you had translated in the past.

If you invest in document translation services with us, Language Concepts extensively reviews, edits and proofreads the document(s) with 2 of our linguists before delivering the final product to you.

Language Concepts strives to provide our clients with accurate and culturally sensitive document translations that read according to the intended target audience.

If you have any questions about our translation services in Phoenix AZ, contact us on our website.

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  • Language Concepts LLC

Thanks to developments in technology, the demand for Spanish medical translations have been somewhat fulfilled, but how accurate are they?

Human translations are needed now more than ever, especially with the pandemic continuing on throughout 2021.

Spanish Medical Translations | Medical Translations English to Spanish

Medical Translations English to Spanish

Medical translations propose various challenges that the linguistic experts at Language Concepts have no issues handling.

Medical translations in Spanish are challenging because of both the language and cultural barriers.

Many medical translations that are performed may be for new medicines, clinical trials, general medical information, medical devices, medical document translations, informed consent forms, etc.

Medical document translations in Spanish are necessary so that healthcare workers can provide Hispanic patients with the necessary care and treatments.

Healthcare professionals must also review the patients’ medical history in order to treat them safely and properly, and not mix certain medicines if the patient is currently taking any.

Having access to professional and competent translations is vital so that they can help explain the patients’ medical history, discomforts, etc. to the doctor, as well as help the patient understand test results, charts and whatever other information is given by the doctor.

During treatment, the patient will likely be subject to signing various medical documents where a professional translator would be needed to accurately translate each document.

It is vital that the patient understands each document, cost, procedure and whatever else is included in the document(s) in order to be aware of what they are signing for.

The Importance of Medical Translations into Spanish

The smallest mistake or misunderstanding can change the entire meaning of a translation, and especially in medical cases, can even be severely dangerous.

Misunderstanding or misinterpreting a medication dosage or allergy can lead to serious consequences which is why a competent translator who is native to the translated language is paramount.

At Language Concepts, not only do we pair a linguist who is native to your language, but we also ensure that the translator has knowledge in the medical field.

It’s extremely important for pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations and patients to obtain medical translations by a native linguist who has medical knowledge because technical terminologies aren’t typically recognized by the general public.

Mistakes in Spanish medical translations can be life threatening but also avoided with the use of a professional medical translator who is fluent in the target language and medical terminologies.

Medical Translations in Spanish

When it comes to healthcare translations, it is extremely vital to find a fluent translator who can provide the care and information that you need.

A patient needs a professional translator that they can trust and rely on in order to get the right treatments, explain their medical history, and ultimately, accurately communicate with the healthcare professionals around them.

At Language Concepts, we understand that the smallest mistakes can turn into the largest consequences, so don’t make the mistake of relying on a medical translator other than us.

Browse through our website for more information or contact us for any questions or concerns.

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