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Why Language Concepts

Language Concepts is trusted by some of the largest and most respected companies in the United States.  We believe there are five reasons why to choose us as your language provider of translations from and into Spanish, Portuguese, English, and major Asian languages. Our “special sauce” is our Commitment.

Five Reasons To Choose Us as Your Translation Vendor 

1. Commitment
We truly care. We treat our client’s projects and timelines as if they were our own. We are truly committed to our clients’ success.  Making sure our clients’ communications resonate with their target audience is always top of mind for us. Our top priority is to provide our clients with native-quality and culturally-sensitive translations that help them connect with their target audience and engage them to get the results they want.
2. Expertise
To date, we have translated literally hundreds of thousands of materials from different subject matters, and industries.  Every single project is handled by professional, highly-skilled and detailed-oriented linguists with several years of experience in their subject matter. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language.  See what our clients have to say about our work.
3. Competitive pricing
We offer very competitive rates. Our per-source-word rate includes project management, translation, translation review and proofreading. Additionally, we are pleased to offer our lowest rates to non-profit organizations.  All quotes are without commitment, free of charge, confidential, and carry a fixed price.  

4. Consistency
We make sure that all of our clients’ communications are consistent in terms of terminology, voice, and tone. We prepare and update a glossary per client and make use of translation memory tools.  Many times, our clients actively participate in the word choice selection.
5. Confidentiality  
​We take confidentiality seriously. All of our client’s projects and documents are kept strictly confidential. Furthermore, all of our linguists sign a confidentiality agreement before starting any job.

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