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Transcription Services

Our transcription service consists of converting digital audio files in Spanish, English or Portuguese or major Asian languages into a written document.
At Language Concepts, our transcriptions are conducted by experienced and native-speaker transcriptionists. 
We provide accurate and affordable transcriptions of:
- Business meetings
- Conference calls
- Focus groups
- Interviews
- Panel discussions
- Phone calls
- Seminars
- Speeches
- Videos, and much more!
At the request of our clients, transcriptions can be also translated or summarized in a different language.  We first assign the audio to a native transcriptionist who transcribes the text in the original language. Afterwards, the transcription is assigned to the linguist with the most expertise in the subject matter.
We offer transcription services for almost any audio format, including CDs and digital files. Our rates are competitive and based on a price per minute of audio. Rates vary depending on the language, complexity of the content, background noise, number of speakers, tracking and time code needed, etc. Translation of the transcription is priced separately.
 As with any other project, confidentiality is guaranteed.

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