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Marketing Translation Services

At Language Concepts, we understand that standard translations simply do not work for marketing communications. Actually, in many instances the copy, the company’s tagline and slogan, and even images and graphics need to be partially or totally recreated to make sure they work, resonate, and get the desired impact in the target audience. 
As part of our comprehensive project assessment, we will analyze the company’s positioning and messaging and evaluate the company’s logo, tagline, and slogan to see they are viable for the new market.  This will allow us to understand any negative verbal or visual connotations in the target market from early stages of the translation process.  As a result of our assessment, we would come up with a recommendation for a translation or transcreation approach.
Whether your company is in needed of a cultural adaptation, transcreation or direct translation, you can rest assured that we will be able to adapt any pre-existing copy to the target language thanks to our marketing experience, linguistic expertise, and deep understanding of the cultural differences among the Hispanic-American, Latin American, and Asian markets. 
Our seasoned linguists and writers will find the right words and expressions for your advertising and marketing communications. They will work alongside your copywriters and advertising professionals to fully understand the concepts so as to create a target version that conveys the same meaning, nuances and tone without losing the impact of the original message.  The result will be a culturally sensitive copy that gets your message across and reads as if it were specifically crafted for the target audience.

​Our experts will also recommend graphic images, colors, and other creative elements that will work well for the Hispanic or Asian markets. Additionally, we can provide back-translations and explanations of any adapted copy.
We have experience working with marketing agencies and marketing teams within companies. We will work hand in hand with you to achieve the same goal – to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign for the target market.
Documents we translate and/or adapt include but are not limited to:
Direct Mails,
Fact Sheets,
Invitation Letters,
HR materials,
Marketing messaging,
Meeting Materials,
Online Ads,
Press Releases,
Sales letters,
Taglines, and more!

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