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Go Beyond Standard Translation To
Ensure Your Spanish Marketing Collateral
Represents Your Brand

In A Way That Connects With Your Audience

Corporate Spanish Translation by Language Concepts

Language Concepts provides the best English to Spanish translators in Phoenix, AZ, as well as nationwide. Our professional translators are capable of delivering high-quality translations that are not only accurate but also culturally sensitive and designed to help engage your target audience. When you need a corporate Spanish translator, our services ensure you get exactly what you need.

Accuracy is essential when translating text from one language to another. Machine translation features like Google Translate might provide a quick option, but they are extremely likely to let you down in terms of accuracy. Additionally, machine translations are not able to consider the wider context of translating into Spanish, including cultural sensitivities. Our team of translators consists of professionals who have years of experience and training and can handle corporate documents and text translation from a range of industries.

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States, with more than 43 million native speakers as of 2022. It remains one of the fastest-growing languages in the country, particularly in the border states such as Arizona. Corporate translation projects into Spanish have the benefit of reaching an important audience. Language translations can be vital for ensuring Spanish speakers understand important information too, from instructions to financial documents.

Corporate Spanish Translations

Our corporate Spanish translation services are available for businesses of all kinds requiring accurate and reliable translation. We work with businesses across many sectors, including advertising and marketing, banking and finance, engineering, health care, insurance, real estate, and more.

Some examples of corporate material that we have translated from English to Spanish include:


Annual Reports 

Brochures, Booklets & Pamphlets


Compensation Plans 

Compliance Training 


Crisis/Safety Plans

Cross Purchase Agreements

Customers Emails & Letters 

Digital Marketing Collaterals

Disability Income Insurance


E-Learning & Training Content 

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Financial Reports

Gift and Estate Tax Systems

International Manufacturing Law Documents

International Real Estate Law Documents

Press Releases 

Printed and Online Magazines 

Service Agreements

Service Plans,  etc.


If you have corporate documents, text, or content that you need to translate from English to Spanish, we can help. The documents that we typically translate are for a range of purposes, from internal use to marketing materials.

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Document Translation

We translate all sorts of documents in a wide range of disciplines and subject matters. We translate from and into the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.

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Desktop Publishing

At our clients’ request we can always mirror the format of the original document.  Our bilingual and detailed-oriented designers have extensive knowledge of the most popular software packages to meet your needs and expectations.

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Whether your target audience is the Brazilian market, the U.S. Latino market, or any other Spanish-speaking country in Latin America such as México, Argentina, Perú, etc. you can count our native human resources to help you localize your message and communications to the specific market and dialect.

Translation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Language Concepts provides corporations and organizations with high quality ​language-related services in Spanish, English, Portuguese and major Asian languages. 

Our services are performed by experienced and bicultural professionals that possess strong knowledge of specific industries such as health care, insurance,
nutraceuticals, online media, among others.

​We work closely with our clients to understand their goals so that we can effectively and accurately communicate their message to their target audiences.  

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Marketing Translation

We are experts at transcreating and adapting marketing communications from English into Spanish and Portuguese and into the major Asian languages in the USA making sure the output not only conveys the same message and impact as the original, but it is culturally appropriate.

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Subtitling and Voiceover

We provide accurately translated, culturally relevant, and timed titles. Our voice-overs are performed by experienced and native talent.

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We convert a spoken language source, such as interviews and focus groups, into written, typewritten or printed form.

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App and Web Translation 

Website translation involves more than translating or localizing the content from one language to another.  Space constraints, functionality, images and graphics need careful consideration.

Why Our Translators and Editors Are Different

Language Concepts sets high standards for all translators and editors. All of our translators and editors only translate into or review their native language, ensuring the most accurate and authentic translations. Each member of our team is a graduate of a respected translation school and/or is accredited by professional organizations. Translators are required to have at least seven years of experience in the industry or subject they translate, while editors are required to have at least ten years of experience.

Leading our teams of translators and editors are our project managers, who have previously carried out these roles. In addition to understanding the requirements of translators and editors, they also oversee the business objectives of corporate translations into Spanish.

Every translated text is first translated by a language translator Spanish who is an expert in the relevant subject. It is then thoroughly checked by an editor who makes sure that it reads like it has been written from scratch in Spanish and that it will make sense to the audience. A proofreader also checks the file formats text for typos, grammar, punctuation, and spelling before the text is returned to the project manager.

The Technology We Use to Assist Our Corporate Translation Services

We never perform English translations to Spanish using machine translation. However, we do use technology that helps our human translators do their very best work. This includes using software that creates and uses translation memory per client, which help us to provide a fast service while remaining accurate and reliable.

The technology that we use provides benefits such as:

  • Consistency

  • Time savings

  • Cost savings


Our business Spanish translation company can deliver the very best translation services. By combining the skills and experience of our human translators with technology that allows us to be more efficient and productive.

Translation Services for Corporate Spanish

Corporate English to Spanish translation services from Language Concepts include:

  • Document translation – translation of a broad range of documents, from contracts to press releases

  • Desktop Publishing – multilingual services for projects requiring graphic design skills

  • Localization – adapt to Spanish-speaking markets by overcoming language and cultural barriers with our teams specializing in different countries and dialects

  • Marketing translation – go beyond standard translation to ensure your Spanish marketing represents your brand in a way that connects with your audience

  • Subtitling – subtitle your content with localized translations that are written and timed accurately

  • Website and app translation – translate the content of your website or applications to localize your products and connect with your audience

Our services include corporate Spanish translation for general Spanish-speaking markets in the US, as well as for specific Spanish-speaking countries and communities. We can put together translation teams that specialize in Spanish for Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, and many more.

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