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Translation Services for Marketing by Language Concepts

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

There are 7,117 languages that exist around the world today.

Of those languages, five make up the most common tongues that we all know of:

· English: 1.13 Billion

· Mandarin Chinese: 1.11 Billion

· Hindi: 615 Million

· Spanish: 534 Million

· French: 280 Million

English is the most prominent, although there is a high chance that English is not even your native language.

Now, imagine how many websites there are around the globe that are in foreign languages.

There is so much room for improvement among businesses that high quality transcreation services can easily enhance.

At Language Concepts, we have taken advantage of the growing market for marketing translations to ensure our clients' business communications are accurate and effective.

We provide top-tier marketing translation services by understanding the cultural differences among Hispanic American, Latin American and Asian markets.

Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through our comprehensive project assessment and analysis.

As a prominent translation company, Language Concepts will ensure your company’s positioning for a new market. Translating your marketing efforts ensures your business is multilingual and can be appreciated across the globe.

Marketing Translation Services

How you say a phrase in one language, can mean something entirely different in another.

That is why languages are so fascinating, yet necessary, for our diversity around the world.

In business, you want your company’s message to be portrayed the same in every target culture.

Thanks to our marketing experience and linguistic expertise, we have the power to get your business´ message across in many foreign languages.

The importance of building a business brand and reputation is paramount in the success of your company.

Language Concepts wants your company to build a brand that is valued and perceived the same in every country.

Language Concepts ensures your business communication with our professional marketing translation.

Our seasoned linguists ensure that the correct words, business expressions and culturally appropriate advertisements are used to attract your target audience.

Marketing content translation may be just what your company needs to grow and prosper among various nations.

Professionally Translated Marketing Materials

At Language Concepts, we take pride in providing our clients the creative translation that their business needs.

We correlate our services with your needs to provide you with the search engine results that your brand requires to prosper.

You will need to connect with clients beyond your market if you want to expand your brand and push your success.

A professional translation company provides growth among other benefits:

Professional Marketing Translation Benefits

  • Localized Reach: Language Concepts looks at your design and content from the inside out. Graphics, banners, and other marketing materials will be culturally adapted to your target audience to ensure that your brand is regionally appropriate.

  • Marketing Tool: A professional translation company has the marketing tools, technology and cultural guidance to ensure that your newly translated content resonates with your target market.

  • Brand Confidence: Translating your content into Spanish or Chinese will give your brand a professionally universal appeal. You can boost your brand confidence with a translation company who makes your global consumers feel safe and comfortable.

  • Consistency: Marketing translation services go beyond localizing your website copy. Whether it is through a website or mobile app, Language Concepts provides the linguistic resources for all of your marketing platforms.

Trust Language Concepts to translate and localize your brand throughout Hispanic and Asian cultures.

Invest in your business and experience the possibilities that enhance your brand across all cultures in the world with Language Concepts.

Documents we translate and/or adapt include but are not limited to:

- Agendas,

- Advertising,

- Catalogs,

- Direct Mails,

- Emails,

- Fact Sheets,

- Invitation Letters,

- HR materials,

- Journals,

- Marketing documents,

- Marketing copy,

- Marketing messaging,

- Magazines

- Meeting Materials,

- Online Ads,

- Packaging,

- Postcards,

- Press Releases,

- Presentations,

- Sales letters,

- Surveys,

- Taglines, and more!

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