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About Language Concepts LLC

Language Concepts Consulting LLC is a professional language service provider that offers accurate, native-quality, and culturally-sensitive translations to organizations of all sizes in Phoenix, Arizona and natiowide. 

​We are proudly a women-owned company and a minority-owned organization with a very simple, highly service-oriented and customer-focused organization structure.

While we have the capacity to provide translation services in over 75 languages, we specialize in translations from and to: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and major Asian languages in the USA (Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.)

We partner with our clients to communicate not only their ideas and concepts, but also their vision. We adapt their content to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market.
We are passionate about our work and always strive to provide our clients with only the best in class service and products.

History of  Our Company

With 12 consecutive years of industry know-how, Kathy Paredes, originally from South America, founded the company in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2009 with the vision to be recognized as the expert and leading provider of English to Spanish translations for the U.S. Latino market.

Client satisfaction with our services and an increased demand for translation into other languages made us quickly extend our offering and reposition our company to become a trusted translation partner of organizations that actively market the fastest-growing and most influential ethnic populations in the USA today: Hispanics and Asians.

We currently work with the Marketing departments and other departments of many oraganizations in a variety of industries, to translate, adapt or develop in-language communications that successfully communicate their message to their target audiences, and ultimately:

  • Attract new customers and increase their bottom-line, and/or

  • Retain their current customer base, and/or

  • Increase the awareness of their mission, and/or

  • Save time and resources, and more!

​Thanks to our large network of professional translators located in all continents, we are well-positioned to help organizations communicate across the cultural divide in a timely manner. 

Meet Our Managing Director
Kathy Paredes | Language Concepts

Kathy Paredes is the driving force behind Language Concepts. With close to 20 years of industry know-how, she  has had first-hand experience in the management and execution of large-scale bilingual implementation and multilingual website localization projects of organizations that looked to expand their market opportunities and diversify their reach – both in the U.S. and abroad.
She has worked closely with the Marketing departments of many corporations, large and small, to adapt their marketing messaging and develop translation solutions and bilingual communications to support and target the U.S. Latino market.  She has been instrumental in companies’ growth and positioning in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Kathy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpretation from Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Perú, and a Certificate of Professional Instruction in Consecutive Interpretation from Inlingua School of Interpretation in Arlington, Virginia.  She is also certified by the American Translators Association for English into Spanish translations.

Kathy has been responsible for cultural translation of print and online communications for many corporations, in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, Direct Marketing, Nutraceutical, Online Media, Online Marketing, Publishing, Software, and Telecommunications.  

She specializes in English to Spanish translations in the following fields: Business, Finance, Insurance and Health Care. Additionally, Kathy has solid translation experience in Education, Immigration, Human Resources, Marketing and Market Research. She is also an expert at Transcreation and Linguistic Brand Analysis.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys traveling, salsa dancing and doing Pilates.

Our Vision

To be a trusted translation company that is recognized as one of the best at satisfying the changing communication needs of its clients in the USA.

Our Mission

1. To help our clients successfully communicate their message to their target audience in their own language and per their culture.
2. To always offer personalized and outstanding customer service. 
​3. To work with exceptionally qualified and experienced professionals and encourage teamwork and professional advancement.

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