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Localization Services

Several studies show that reaching out to people in their own language builds rapport, engages them, and makes it easier to work with them and sell to them.
With our translation and localization services we help businesses overcome language and cultural barriers and successfully communicate their message to the Asian market in the United States and Latino market in the USA and Latin America.  

Whether you want to just target the U.S. Hispanic market or offer your products and services to a specific Spanish-speaking market such as Mexico, Argentina, etc. we have the expertise to help you localize your communications.  Based on your marketing strategy and target audience, we will recommend the most appropriate dialect for your business.

Our localization teams consist of professional, detailed-oriented and native translators who have handled translation projects of all sizes. In addition to having several years of experience in their subject matter, our translators are aware of cultural diversity and will make sure your communications and materials work and resonate with your target audience. 

To make sure that all your current and future translated communications are consistent in terms of terminology, voice, and tone, we keep glossaries per project, and make use of translation memory tools.

We are able to achieve high quality and native quality translations thanks to our strict quality assurance process.  As a matter of fact, project management, translation, translation review, and proofreading are all a standard part of our service.  

Depending on your Spanish translation needs, we can put together seasoned Spanish translation teams that specialize in:

  • Argentinean Spanish

  • Bolivian Spanish

  • Colombian Spanish

  • Costa Rican Spanish

  • Chilean Spanish

  • Cuban Spanish

  • Dominican Spanish

  • Ecuadorian Spanish

  • Salvadorian Spanish

  • Guatemalan Spanish

  • Honduran Spanish

  • Mexican Spanish

  • Nicaraguan Spanish

  • Panamanian Spanish

  • Paraguayan Spanish

  • Peruvian Spanish

  • Puerto Rican Spanish

  • Spanish for Spain

  • U.S. Spanish

  • Uruguayan Spanish

  • Venezuelan Spanish

All localized materials are tested in the target country. Let us handle all language-related processes so that you can focus on your business. We promise to make the localization process effortless for you and offer you unparalleled customer service.

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