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Translations for Nutraceutical Companies in the U.S.

Makeup and skin care

The demand for nutraceuticals is on the rise where new health, beauty, and wellness products are flooding the market every day.

Food and pharmaceutical industries are challenged with how to keep up with the emergence of this new sector.

New beauty products, essential oils, dietary supplements, and functional foods are being created to entice consumers to new and improved health benefits. This includes anything from skincare products to added nutritional supplements, vitamins, plus so much more.

The success of the nutraceutical industry depends on the rising awareness among new and existing consumers who are using, or interested in, these products.

To raise awareness, it’s vital to accurately and promptly share materials produced by research and development labs, production departments, and marketing departments of the leading nutraceutical companies in the United States.

U.S. organizations that are selling nutritional health supplements and/or beauty products need to find a way to attract new consumers to ultimately, reach the global nutraceuticals market.

Translating Nutraceutical Products

Spanish and Asian-speaking consumers are the two largest markets in North America, specifically the United States.

Nutraceutical companies who invest in Spanish and Asian translation services not only expand their markets in America, but they also have a bigger opportunity of succeeding internationally.

Nutraceutical brands who invest in translation services can attract and sell to new consumers to ultimately add to their bottom line. Plus, they can advertise more jobs to new consumers to add to their international workforce.

Nutraceutical industry jobs are flooding the market, and there are lots of consumers out there who would work for your organization if they understood what your brand stood for.

Translating nutraceutical products is a must if you want to effectively reach and sell to Hispanic and Asian markets in the U.S.

Consumers not only need to understand what personal care product you’re selling, but they need to understand why you’re selling it.

Without understanding the many benefits of all the health, beauty, and wellness products out there, no consumer would ever buy them.

Translations for the Beauty, Health and Wellness Industry

More and more people are interested in living a healthier and better life, and the market for nutraceuticals is booming.

Countless companies in the food and beverage, and beauty and wellness industries are creating products that can do anything as simple as boost your immune system, or as complex as prevent wrinkles, or even fight chronic diseases.

Besides effective products and attractive packaging, nutraceutical companies need to advertise to Hispanic and Asian markets in a way that they will understand.

An experienced translation company like us can help you tackle the linguistic and cultural challenges of translating and localizing for the nutraceutical industry.

Speaking to new consumers in their language of preference, in a way that is culturally appropriate, will interest them to learn more.

Apart from general translations and localizations, Language Concepts also has experience in branding, retail, cosmetics, supplement, and packaging translations.

In addition, we are creative writers and communicators who understand the influence marketing has on foreign consumers.

We are just as passionate in conveying the appropriate message to your audience as you are about your product.

We translate, but are not limited to, these materials in the nutraceutical industry:

Ads (banners, promotions, etc.)



Compensation Plans

Customers Emails & Letters

Digital Marketing Collaterals

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Warnings


Informational Blog Posts


Packaging & Labels

Press Releases

Printed and Online Magazines

Product Data Sheets

Product Descriptions

Printed Marketing Collaterals

Social Media Content


Video Subtitling & Voiceover


& More!

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