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Technical Translation Services for Your Business

Technical translations is the act of translating technical documents such as owner manuals, user guides, safety manuals or other technical documents and texts related to your business.

Getting high quality, professional technical translation services for your business is important because it ensures that all of the document’s subject matter and technical terms are translated accurately into the target language, which reduces risks for health and safety incidents occurring, avoids delays in major projects, prevents paying for fines and even operation shutdowns and costly lawsuits.

Where to Get Technical Translation Services?

Language Concepts LLC offers technical translation services in the fields of construction, electronics, power engineering, robotics, civil engineering, environmental protection, manufacturing, medicine and health care, telecommunications, information technology, occupational safety and hygiene and more to companies located in Phoenix, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and so on.

We translate technical documents from and to the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and many Asian languages.

If you are in need of technical document translations, keep in mind that this is a highly specialized service that requires not only translation expertise, but skillful project management as well.

Technical translation services are complex by nature. For instance, technical manual translations include the use of different file formats and types, tons of measures, prices, codes, proper names of products, pictures, graphics and abbreviations.

These require special treatment and decisions that need to be made beforehand as well as be included in a style guide before translation works begin.

Other crucial aspects are word document preparation for translation, DTP and layout services, post DTP proofing and hard copy proofing.

Why are Technical Translations Important?

There are a number of reasons why technical translations are important to businesses. A few of them include,

  • Enables billions of dollars’ worth of commerce,

  • Ensures that users can properly and safely interact with companies’ products and services,

  • Ensures that companies are in compliance with international regulation and local legislation,

  • Enables international collaboration in scientific, technical and industrial activities,

  • Helps brands reach international markets,

  • Promotes the use of new technology,

  • Promotes safety, etc.

Receiving technical translation services ensures that everyone is able to understand the same important information across the board at your company and beyond in their native-language. In return, this minimizes many risks that could result from lack of understanding and communication.

At Language Concepts LLC, we have plenty of experience in specialized translation. Whether it be scientific or technical, we can help with translation involving, but not limited to:

  • Instruction books

  • Manuals for machine tools and other machines

  • MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets)

  • Catalogs, such as painting catalogs

  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Specifications

  • Software strings

  • Technical data sheets

  • Technical instructions

  • User manuals (Installation, operation, maintenance)

No matter the type of translation you need, our dedicated and native translation teams can help with technical translations for you and your business.

How We Do It

Unlike other translation companies and services, we do not use automated machine translation!

We seamlessly integrate our process with technology by using translation memory and terminology database management tools that help our human translators perform their work, increase their productivity and achieve the best possible output all of the time.

Visit our website to learn more about the steps we take in our translation process.

If you’re in need of technical translated content, don’t waste another minute and visit our website for a free translation quote for your project.

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