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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Translation Budget

Translation Services are an excellent resource for companies to reach markets that aren’t native to them. This is a great way for businesses to grow their audience, but it doesn’t always come at an affordable cost.

At Language Concepts LLC, we offer budget translation services that help organizations communicate effectively with U.S. Hispanics and Asian-Americans through translation. We offer native-quality and culturally-sensitive translations for companies looking to contract translation services that get your message across and resonate with your target audience.

Why Do I Need Translation Services?

Several studies show that reaching out to people in their own language builds rapport, engages them and makes it easier to work with them and sell to them.

With our translation and localization services at Language Concepts LLC, we help businesses overcome language and cultural barriers and successfully communicate their message to the Asian market in the United States and Latino market in the USA and Latin America.

We are able to achieve high quality and native quality translations thanks to our strict quality assurance process. As a matter of fact, project management, translation, translation review, and proofreading are all a standard part of our services.

Translation Services

Budget Translations Spanish

Spanish is one of the top five most spoken languages in the world. If you’re looking for some budget translations to Spanish that won’t break the bank, Language Concepts LLC is here to help. You can receive a free quote on our website for any translation services needed.

Translation service prices vary and are usually priced based on the word count in the source, the subject matter, the language combination, the deadline and design needs. In other words, the more text for translation, the higher the translation costs.

However, the cost of your services could be significantly higher or lower depending on various factors. The following are considerations to make the most out of your translation budget and keep you on track to saving time and money:

Factors that Affect Budget for Translation Services


  • Consider all content for translation including imagery, banners and all other graphics. For instance, if you are looking for website translation, think about hidden dynamic content and keyword transcreation from multilingual SEO.


  • Share with the translation agency the entire scope of the project and provide them with a finalized and approved copy. It will save a lot of time and avoid extra costs for last minute edits or add-ons.


  • Provide your translation agency with original IDD source files if you have them. This helps to prevent the agency from recreating the format and design and they can use yours as a template to display translation.


  • Make sure your translation agency uses a solid translation memory software and translation tools. The software should keep a history of your translations, which they can reuse any time. This will help keep you on budget by avoiding paying for the same work multiple times. It also makes sure your documents and brand voice are consistent across all your materials.


  • If you have preferred terminology or an existing glossary and reference materials, such as a style guide, for your business translations, share them with your translation agency before the translation process begins. It will save you time if you conduct an internal review. It can be more cost effective if you decide to redo translations based on your preferred style and choices of words.


  • Plan translation in advance and communicate your deadlines as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to estimate the same time it took you to have your materials ready for the general market. It is very likely that it will take the same amount of time. If it took you 2 months to have 10 brochures ready in English, do not expect that Spanish translations could take 3 weeks if you are aiming at high quality native Spanish translations. Expect similar fees and quality for a translation agency as that of a professional writing service because the skills and efforts required are comparable.


  • Work with one trusted, professional translation service and develop a partnership with them. They can become an extension of your team. They will get to know your brand and products or services as well as you. This partnership will eliminate the hassle, time, and cost of looking for a new independent translator for each project.


  • Plan and prepare for text expansion or contraction depending on the target languages. Spanish Translation can expand up to 23% and Chinese can contract up to 10%.


  • Write clearly with translation in mind to avoid colloquialisms, idioms and unique cultural elements if possible. Remember, cultural adaptation and transcreation can take longer and be more costly.

At Language Concepts LLC, our focus is to partner with organizations that actively market the fastest-growing and most influential ethnic populations in the USA today: Hispanics and Asian Americans.

If you’re looking to receive translation services from other languages, such as budget French translations, occasionally we might be able to accept other language combinations at our clients’ request.

If you’re in need of translation services for your business and don’t know where to begin, reach out to Language Concepts LLC. We have professional, native-speaking translators available to help you effectively communicate your message and stick to your budget. Call or email us today to get started.

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