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Insurance Translations

The insurance industry is broad where you can access all sorts of coverages such as health, car, homeowners, life, business, the list goes on.

Insurance documents include verbiage that many of us may not understand, however, insurance is vital in protecting ourselves and our assets.

Dealing with insurance can be challenging in general, let alone when you’re not from the U.S.

That's a significant reason why many insurance companies hire professional linguists to serve their customers in their language of preference.

Language Concepts offers accurate insurance translation services in languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and more, to insurance companies nationwide.

Our native linguists ensure culturally sensitive insurance translations for any insurance document such as insurance policies, claim forms, underwriter documents, risk assessments, websites, marketing collaterals, and more!

Insurance Translation Company

Global insurance operations are expanding year by year where insurers may need to translate a variety of insurance documents with quality, accuracy and agility.

In addition, the Hispanic and Asian populations are growing among our nation where thousands of individuals are unable to obtain the necessary insurance because of a language barrier.

Speaking a different language shouldn’t deny anyone anything in our country and everyone deserves to understand the information that they receive regarding insurance.

It’s the basis of equal rights.

A translation company like us offers our clients experts in the subject matter, plus culturally sensitive translations performed by a native human linguist. While technology is our ally, we do not rely on automated translations for our services.

A native linguist allows for the most accurate translations, especially in the insurance industry, where there are hundreds of terms and verbiages that may not be interpreted correctly by just any bilingual person.

While the Hispanic and Asian communities are massive and include various languages and dialects in their cultures, Language Concepts offers these insurance translation services:

  • English to Spanish translations,

  • English to Portuguese translations,

  • English to Gujarati translations,

  • English to Japanese translations,

  • English to Korean translations,

  • English to Chinese translations,

  • English to Vietnamese translations,

  • & More!

Contact us to ensure that we don’t have a linguist specific to your culture if your preferred language isn’t listed above!

Insurance Translation Services

When you invest in a professional insurance translator like Language Concepts, you're ensuring that your policy holders and prospects:

  • Feel confident and connected with your company as you are speaking their language,

  • Have peace of mind and understand where they do/don’t have coverage,

  • Avoid any liabilities or legal troubles,

  • Understand how much they are paying and what’s included in their coverage for that price when compared to other insurance plans,

  • Are aware of what could happen if they do or don’t have certain coverages,

  • Protect themselves and their assets where it’s desired and necessary, and much more!

If you’re an insurer or insurance company looking for professional insurance translations from a human translator, Language Concepts specializes in insurance translations.

We have translated thousands of marketing collaterals and materials about the following topics:

  • Annuities

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Dividends

  • Estate Tax

  • Business Planning

  • College Funding

  • Cross Purchase Agreements

  • Universal Life Guarantee Insurance Policy

  • Disability Income Insurance

  • Employees Whole Life (EWL)

  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

  • Endorsement Split Dollar

  • Gift and Estate Tax Systems

  • Health Insurance

  • Trusts

  • MEC (Modified Endowment Contract)

  • Mortgage Protection Through Life Insurance

  • Mutual Funds

  • Paid-Up Insurance

  • Permanent Insurance

  • Spouse's Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Options

  • & More!

Call or contact us on our website for any questions or inquiries about our insurance translation services!

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