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Survey Translations

Language Concepts offers multilingual survey translation service, ideal for multinational market-research companies, customer feedback in all industries, and big data planning for your organization.

What is the Benefit of Using Surveys?

Survey translation is an essential part of market research as it represents one of the most important business practices- customer feedback and satisfaction. These are essential for the growth, longevity, and continuing to increase the company's bottom line. To put it simply, as Forbes does in their article “3 Reasons to Ask for Customer Feedback,” “Your business will make more money if your customers are happier” (Forbes). By employing feedback systems through frequent surveys, the strategy argues a company can profit greatly because they 1) know what customers like and dislike, 2) make customers feel important and involved, and 3) constantly improve (Forbes). A consistent feedback loop is easy to employ, and the benefits are boundless.

Why Should I Spend the Extra Money it Takes to Translate Surveys?

First of all, multilingual survey translation is a must for global customer research and feedback, but it is also necessary within given countries as well. To better connect with your target demographics, you need to show you are aware of what makes each part of your demographic unique, that you are invested in them, and that you are tailoring your products and services to them.

For example, within the United States, even though a majority of the population speaks English, as of May 2021 only “13 percent of the population speaks Spanish at home,” which is 41.7 million people (Forbes 2). As Forbes points out, “Many brands get that [marketing to a Spanish-speaking demographic] is not only a great area of opportunity, but also one of necessity…The challenge is that too many brands treat Spanish-speaking consumers as an afterthought, rather than proactively thinking about delivering a customer experience that allows them to thrive…Inclusive marketing done well provides a frictionless experience for all the customers you serve. Not just the ones who neatly fit into what is considered to be “mainstream.” Business is about belonging. You can make the large number of Spanish speakers feel like they belong with your brand, by being intentional about delivering a customer experience that keeps them in mind from start to finish (Forbes 2). (Of course, Spanish-speakers aren’t the only other language demographic in the United States, so consider the fact that the number of non-native English speakers increases every year in the USA.)

So in our example of the United States, in order to cater to a whole given age demographic or geographic demographic, it’s likely you’ll have to provide translated versions of your feedback surveys in more than just English. Not only will this allow speakers who only speak Spanish the opportunity to participate, but even those who are bilingual may prefer and appreciate language options being provided, as when a survey is provided in the preferred or more fluent language of the respondent, they are more likely to have a positive experience, understand the questions better, and provide more accurate answers, thus resulting in better results for the researcher and/or business.

You may need to have translation services on both ends of the survey if you ask open-ended questions, especially questions like “Can you give us any additional feedback? or “Is there something we missed on this survey you’d like to inform us about?” You would need translation services both on the front end to translate these questions and on the back end to translate the answers, likely wanting them all in the same language in the end.

What Kinds of Translation Services Do We Provide for Surveys?

  • We translate all sorts of surveys from customer satisfaction, product feedback, employee feedback and much more.

  • We offer back translation to English of open-ended responses for analysis.

  • Our translations are performed by human translators, not automated machines.

  • We translate surveys that involve different industries, from Medical Devices, Engineering, Telecom, Sports, Finance and Insurance, Health Care and Wellness, Food and Beverages, to Automotive, and much more.

  • Our translations are accurate and culturally relevant so that our clients can collect the valuable insights into the consumer´s behaviors, opinions, and interests they need to help their clients, often launching a new service/product/campaign/new research study, etc.

  • Before starting the translation and as a best practice, our native translators will learn about the target demographics and reading level, the survey goals, and the place and method the survey will be administered.

  • Keep in mind that depending on your project, you may need to translate an invitation email, reminder emails, and even validation emails as well as the surveys themselves. We can help you think through all of the language needs you’ll have associated with administering your survey.

  • We translate surveys from English to Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, and many more languages.

Example of Surveys We have Translated in the Past:

  • Survey on a Lifetime Journey as a Sports Fan

  • Survey on a New Rolled Tortilla Chips Promotion

  • Survey on a Vehicle Purchase or Lease Experience

  • Survey on Alcohol Purchase, Consumption and Behaviors

  • Survey on Apparel Usage

  • Survey on Appeal of New Line of Buns

  • Survey on Authentic Mexican Food

  • Survey on Bread Type Consumption

  • Survey on Chemotherapy Side Effects

  • Survey on Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance Policy Purchase and Experience

  • Survey on Health and Wellness

  • Survey on Health Literacy

  • Survey on Health Care, Home Care, Personal Care, Auto, Financial Services, Charity

  • Survey on Hispanic Candy Consumption

  • Survey on Holiday Celebration

  • Survey on Hummus Consumption and Preference

  • Survey on Insurance Advertisement

  • Survey on Loyalty Programs, eCommerce, COVID, and Cultural Traits

  • Survey on Managing Health with Food

  • Survey on Means of Transportation

  • Survey on Menstrual and Uterine Fibroid Experiences

  • Survey on Minority-Owned Business Initiative Poster

  • Survey on NFL Hispanic Fans Engagement

  • Survey on People's Passion Points related to Media Content, Food, Sports, Music, Fashion, Religion, Travel

  • Survey on Regular Beer and Craft Beer Consumption

  • Survey on Regular Grocery Shopping and Online Grocery Shopping

  • Survey on Sliced Bread Packaging

  • Survey on Social Media Usage and Consumption

  • Survey on Sweetened Condensed Milk Consumption

  • Survey on Technology Appliance Ownership and Usage

  • Survey on US Social Issues, and much more

Don’t let poor survey translation result in a high drop rate of your survey! We can partner to help your business or organization every step of the way! To find out more about our survey translation services, get a hold of Language Concepts today!

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