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Social Media in Spanish Translation

Updated: May 16, 2022

Translating social media to Spanish could boost brand recognition and online positioning or completely ruin it. Translated social media can expand your international reach if done correctly. To correctly translate social media to the multiple languages your audience speaks you’ll need to have several things ready first.

When it comes to your social media account, first develop a solid multilingual online market strategy. Content can be added in later. Before translating into Spanish or any other language, you'll need general social media market content lined up, approved and ready to go as well.

Transcreation Vs Translation

Bear in mind that using a direct translation instead of transcreation you can run into issues. A direct translation quite often doesn’t end up working well for translating social media. This is because popular social media posts are usually short, humorous and full of idioms, metaphors, or subtle play on words.

When translating social media, we usually follow the same approach as we do for marketing translations.

In other words, we transcreate the message, which allows us to incorporate more creativity and cultural knowledge which results in an in-language content that resonates with a target audience. It provides an impactful, targeted and localized message aimed at a call to action. Make sure that your intentions and core message of your social media content were captured in the text and expressed properly.

Social Media Localization

Your translated social media may need to be localized as well if you plan to target several Spanish speaking countries. A post that resonated with the Mexican audience may not resonate or have the same impact with Argentina.

Language localization is the process of adapting a product's translation to a specific country or region. Here's more about Spanish localization if you wish to learn more.

Social Media Translation Services

At Language Concepts, we have extensive experience in translation and transcreation content for major social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and content for other apps.

Count on us when you need to translate social media to Spanish! No matter if it’s posts, blogs, tweets, image captions, video subtitles, hashtags or product reviews. The language services at Language Concepts can definitely help your marketing efforts. Our social media translations are creative, culturally relevant, and fast!

Contact us at Language Concepts LLC today and get a free quote on your social media translation project.

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