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Seven Tips When Translating Your Resume from Spanish to English

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Looking for a job is without a doubt one of the most stressful activities that anyone can experience. Job seekers need to be armed with a great attitude, solid experience, glowing references and, of course, a powerful and well-written résumé! If you are planning to apply to a multinational company, assume an English-speaking post or take your experience in Latin America to the U.S., you are likely to need an impeccable résumé in English, for which the following tips will be useful.

1.Personal Information: ​Remember that unlike many Latin American countries, you are not required to include your age, civil status or photo in your résumé. It is actually illegal for a U.S. company to request this information, as it could lead to discrimination based on race, gender or age. 2. Contact Information: Besides your name, mobile number and personal email address, it is also a good idea to include your customized LinkedIn URL. Depending on the type of job that you are seeking, it might be necessary to share your Twitter, Instagram or other accounts, if you think that they add value. 3. Headline: Do not forget that it needs to stand out. It should be placed right below the Contact Information. Remember that this needs to be the title you are aiming to obtain. For instance, if you are currently a Marketing Manager and you aspire to be hired as Marketing Director, you should use the latter on your résumé. 4. Summary: This is the most important part of your résumé. It needs to be short, “eye-catching” and clearly show in seconds why you would add value to the organization, and why they should hire you. 5. Expertise: This is the longest part of your résumé, but instead of focusing on what you did, shift attention to what you accomplished. Use percentages, figures and all relevant information. Remember that the names of companies, organization, brands, trademarks and many proper names should not be translated. Assess whether it would be appropriate to translate the names of reports, policies, awards or books. 6. Figures and Dates: Make sure that you write the month first, followed by the day, and use the numbering rules for the target market. Convert measurements to the imperial system (kilograms to pounds, for example) if these are relevant to your position. 7. Length: ​Last but not least, make sure that your résumé is not more than two pages long. If you use a good format and wording, you should be able to knock it out of the park within this length. Remember that you have only one opportunity to make a good impression. If you don’t feel confident in your skills to translate your résumé from Spanish into English or write it in English, make sure to hire a professional company to do it for you. It would be worth the investment! Best of luck. Language Concepts Consulting LLC is a boutique provider of professional translation and graphic design services to individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries across the United States. We specialize in English to Spanish and Portuguese translations and translations to Asian languages. We offer comprehensive and certified translation services to individuals, advertising agencies, educational institutions, financial and insurance companies, food and beverage companies, market research companies, medical and health care providers, nutraceutical and direct selling organizations, media and marketing companies, television networks, among others.

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