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Seven Tips To Save Money on Translation Services

Who does not want to save money when making any purchases, from electronics to professional services? We all do. And like any other product, it is a good idea to shop around to find a good deal on your translations. In terms of translation services, the phrase “you get what you pay for” also applies. So make sure to hire a professional service. You will usually pay cents for every source word or target word of translation; however, the total number of words can easily add up. It is always good to plan in advance to keep your translation costs within your budget. Below are seven tips to save money on translation services without compromising on quality.

1.Copy Length: Before sending your text for translation, make sure that all programs, products, website sections, etc. are indeed relevant to your new target audience. If they are not, remove them and ask your copywriter to edit the text. That way you will have less words to translate. 2.Final copy: Has the copy been approved by all the corresponding managers? Does it have the green light from your Legal Department too? Make sure that you indeed have a final copy for translation. In our experience, sometimes we are in a rush to start the translation, and after it has been completed we have to edit it in accordance with later additions or deletions by the legal counselors or marketing stakeholders. Translation review and editing carry extra charges. 3.Style Guide: It is always best to provide your translation agency with the Style Guide to be used for your translations. Experienced translation companies will mention this and even prepare one for you with your instructions. Make sure that all the stakeholders are in agreement. For instance, give clear instructions if you need your translation in the “tú” or “usted” form in Spanish. In the past, we have had clients request that we translate their documents from English to Spanish with a formal address (usted). After the translation was completed, they asked us to change it to the informal address (tú). Making this edit in, say, 75 pages is no walk in the park; it requires attention to detail and time, which is usually charged for. 4.Glossary: Try to find out if your department has an approved bilingual glossary that you can share with your translation company. If not, if you plan to have an internal reviewer, make sure that they share their preferred terminology in advance, before the translation starts. Translation is a subjective process through which different individuals may express the same meaning using different word choices. Adjusting a translation in line with preferences is usually subject to additional fees depending on the nature and extent of such adjustments. 5.Format: It is always best and more cost-efficient to provide your translation company with editable files for translation, say, Word documents, Excel files, Power Point, HTML, etc. Translation are usually not done on PDFs. Many PDFs are heavy on pictures and have complex layout. When that´s the case, translation companies have to prepare an editable file for translation, which is potentially subject to a fee. Some companies will work with PDFs on their translation tools, however importing it to a derivable Word document misaligns text and pictures. 6.Translation Software: Make sure that you work with a translation company that uses state-of-the-art translation software that allows you build a translation memory for your materials. That way you can ask for a discount for repetitions and any existing translations on subsequent orders. 7.Deadline: Do you really need that translation for yesterday? If not, why rush it? It will not only increase your budget but rush the translation and quality assurance processes, leaving room for error. If it took your English copywriter three weeks to have your document ready in English, why expect a professional and quality translation to be ready in three days? Language Concepts Consulting LLC is a boutique provider of professional translation and graphic design services to organizations of all sizes and industries across the United States. We specialize in English to Spanish translations and translations to Asian languages. We offer comprehensive and certified translation services to advertising agencies, educational institutions, financial and insurance companies, food and beverage companies, market research companies, medical and health care providers, nutraceutical and direct selling organizations, media and marketing companies, television networks, among others.

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