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Acronyms in English to Spanish Translation for the Health Care Industry

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

For over a decade, Language Concepts has been providing English to Spanish translation services for clinics and health care agencies in Arizona.

We also offer professional translation services in other major US cities including (but not limited to):

  • Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Chicago IL, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Saint Louis MO, Washington DC, Miami FL, New York NY, Philadelphia PA

Language Concepts often notices acronyms in English throughout healthcare programs, websites, brochures and other healthcare documents.

Our goal is to translate medical documents and ensure that any acronyms in English are understood by our clients.

Translate Medical Documents

Translation in healthcare can get complicated and our clients rely on our professional translation services to ease any language barriers.

Clients rely on our English to Spanish translation services for their healthcare materials which include acronyms in English.

We often have clients asking us why we translated some acronyms in their materials and not others?

First, you need to remember that the health translation of different languages varies by location and target audience.

Will your material be distributed to Spanish speakers in the US, or will it be shared with an affiliate in another Spanish-speaking country?

Second, acknowledge the type of document that you need translated into what layout.

Is it a marketing brochure or a web page with medical insurance forms?

Medical reports, patient information forms, consent and assent forms, medical insurance forms and other health care documents will vary in layout based on the media outlet.

If you are unsure what your document requires, a translation company like us can ensure that your documents are accurate, consistent and valid.

Translation of Acronyms: English to Spanish Translation Text

English to spanish translation words are not the same in every Spanish-speaking country and translating acronyms can get tricky.

Medical terminology may also vary by country and you need to ensure accurate translation for your clients.

Our medical translation services target abbreviations and acronyms that your patients understand.

For example, your clinic is located in the US and you need an English to Spanish translation for a marketing brochure.

You may have space constraints so you are better off including common acronyms in English such as "DUI".

"DUI" is an accepted term which most people understand, and it is likely to be used by Spanish-preferred individuals in America.


English : DUI Treatment and Education

Spanish : Tratamiento y educación de DUI

On the contrary, if you are translating an entire DUI program from English to Spanish, you should translate DUI and leave the acronym in brackets as you would probably have enough space in your layout.


English : DUI laws

Spanish : Leyes sobre conducir bajo los efectos del alcohol o estupefacientes (DUI, por sus siglas en inglés)

There are other acronyms that may be commonly used by health care organizations, but less known by the general public.

In such instances, Language Concepts recommends translating the acronym for clarity and better understanding of your target audience. If the space allows it, we would also leave the acronym within brackets for future reference.


English: DV Offender Treatment

Spanish: Tratamiento para el agresor de violencia doméstica

English: MAT Services

Spanish: Tratamiento asistido por medicamentos (MAT)

English to Spanish Translation Services

Language Concepts specializes in language services in healthcare and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Our language solutions provide quality control and target languages that your business needs to thrive.

We have experience translating the following materials for health care organizations and health insurance companies:

- Consent Forms

- Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Program Agreements

- FIT Patient Letters

- Genetic Studies

- Health History

- Informed Consents and Releases

- IVR Messages

- Long Term Care and Life Insurance

- New Patient Forms

- Patient History Record Forms

- Patient Notices

- Pediatrics Intake Forms

- Risk Assessment Questionnaires

- Survey

- Any Marketing Materials (brochures, websites, ads etc.)

- Video Voice Over and Subtitling

- & Much More!

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