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"Dear Kathy:

Once again, I would like to thank you for the outstanding quality of Spanish to English translation I just received. I continue to be impressed on how well you seem to capture the essence and/or meaning of the topic and make it flow the way it was intended to. Thanks again."

María Spanglet


Verbal Behavior

"I found Language Concepts while searching online for a translation company that could meet my peculiar requirements. ASs the nature of my translation needs is a bit out of the ordinary, I wanted a company that has first and foremost the ability to communicate with our Latino clients. After speaking with them and explaining the subject matter, I felt quite confident that they were listening and prepared to handle the job.  Since then they have continually impressed me with their attention to detail and rapid turn-around time". "

Matt Strangwayes

Interpretive Content Coordinator

The Phoenix Zoo

"Dear Kathy: I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your partnership over the past years! I am extremely appreciate of the quick turnarounds and high-quality translations you have provided, but even more so, I appreciate your friendliness and positivity. In a quick-moving world, it's truly a blessing to be able to trust a vendor to the degree that I trust your work. Collage Group is lucky to have you and Language Concepts as an extension of our team."

Ashley Post

Senior Analyst, Research & Insights

Collage Group

"When we needed a Spanish version of our TotalExam camera manual, we chose Language Concepts. They had the expertise to produce instructions for this telemedicine product aimed specifically at health care providers. Their rates are competitive and we had the translation within days. What is most important is that they asked questions about the device so the translation could be perfect. I would recommend Language Concepts to anyone looking for outstanding translation services."

Roger Downey

Communications Manager

GlobalMedia Group, LLC

"Dear Kathy:

The group has been very pleased with Language Concepts Consulting Spanish translations and the quick turn-around time. I really appreciate your willingness to work with us on very sensitive issues as well. Thanks for looking up for translation options. We really appreciate your business, your professionalism, your timing and flexibility. Thank you so much for all what you do for our projects."

Giovanna G. Moreno Garzon, MSE

Research Program Coordinator

Non-Profit Medical Research Group

"Working with Language Concepts has been such a rewarding experience. Their professionalism has made the process of translating our website easy and seamless.  We are excited to be able to provide our Spanish-speaking clientele access to the vital information they may need in order to find shelter and safety for themselves and their children. This is such an important project and we choose the best to help us complete it."

Kelly Hernandez

Community Development Director

New Life Center

"Language Concepts is the most reliable translation and - most important - transcreation company I have ever met. Everyone in the company, starting from her general manager Ms. Kathy Paredes, Perfectly understands the Hispanic/Latino culture. Something that has me fascinated with their work besides how fast and responsive they are in times of urgency, is how attentive they are. To make sure transcreations and localizations make sense holistically, they analyze the content, get involved, and ask questions that other providers don't. For example, `what are you trying to accomplish?`, `what is the message that you are trying to convey`, `who is your target audience`, etc. I have received the best quality of work both in translation and e-learning support . Language Concepts goes above and beyond. I recommend their services to anyone any time!"

Minué Yoshida

Multicultural Consultant

Yoshida Consulting

"Thank you so much for the Spanish translations and layout, Kathy. should we get any new requirements I'll certainly be in touch given the very positive experience we have had with you and your team."

Joanna Marsden

Amec Foster Wheeler

"Having worked for almost a decade with Language Concepts Consulting, I understand the value of a vendor client relationship. Their work and understanding of my industry is impressive and I appreciate their ability to be an extension of my core team. I see Kathy as a true partner in my translations, transcreation and design projects. I can count on her and her team to deliver excellent quality work and always within a very reasonable timeframe. I'd recommend working with Language Concepts Consulting for any of you translations and design needs - I continue to count on them for high quality work and know their attention to detail is on of the most important aspects of our work together. "

Yai Vargas

National Multicultural Marketing Manager

New York Life Insurance Company

"Dear Kathy: Thank you so much for turning this Spanish translation project around so quickly for us and having such high attention to detail."

Nicole Kolb

North America Marketing Project Manager

SEAcret Direct

"Language Concepts has been of such a great help to our company. Their prompt response and delivery of materials, plus a courteous treatment has always been outstanding. It is a true pleasure to work with them."

Fredy Willes

Director of Multimedia

Terra Networks

"Dear Kathy:

Translation looks great!

Thanks for the collaboration on these to get them where we need them. This roll out and expansion into the Latino market is very exciting. Thank you very much for all you are doing and for the quick turn-arounds and fluid communications.

Thank you for all the great, quick response and Language Concepts partnership to help Thrivent reach the Latino community"

Tim Lenz

Business Systems Analyst

Thrivent Financial

"I have worked with Kathy Paredes and Language Concepts Consulting for almost two years and I highly recommend them. I email Kathy frequently with anything from a promotional web graphic to long product pages that need to be edited because of legal issues. She always sends back documents that are formatted like the documents that I have sent to her, taking into account bolding, capitalization and out companies branding so it is easy for the designers and web developers to understand the translations. She is fast, asks questions when she has them and is an all around joy to work with. I would recommend Kathy and Language Concepts Consulting to anyone looking for a professional Spanish translation services. "

Lindsey Jones

Marketing Specialist


"Dear Kathy: You are best in terms of professionalism, translation quality, integrity, dependability, thoroughness, et al. And when I say you are the best, that comes from my background of having either worked with and knew of the work habits of several hundreds others- found in big, middle and small sized firms. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for excellence. "

Greg Cayten

Sneior Copywriter


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