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The Importance of Language Services During COVID19

COVID-19 has brought changes upon our personal and professional lives all throughout the world.

The translation services industry is one that is far from becoming a service that is unneeded, especially in the midst of tough times like these.

The Coronavirus has surely emphasized the importance of language translation and interpretation services in order to properly communicate vital information to the public.

While translation businesses are still translating what their clients throughout various industries need, the content that we have been translating lately has altered.

Travel and leisure translations have diminished while business, financial, legal and medical translations continue to be in high demand.

New Pandemic Information

The government, CDC, hospitals and other organizations are constantly bringing new pandemic information to the public’s attention, where businesses and employees are continuing to adapt to COVID-related regulations.

In order for businesses to properly communicate vital information and other regulations to their employees, communities and users, they need to do so in their language of preference.

Managing the virus and delivering updates to patients, medical professionals, businesses and the general public requires accurate and timely translation services.

Language Concepts is dedicated to providing our clients with the language services that they need in order to protect themselves and the ones around them from the COVID-19 virus.

While language services are necessary for the protection of the public’s health, there are a few other reasons why language services are so paramount to access at this time.

New Medical Terminology

New terminologies come with any new disease, and this presents a challenge for translation companies, especially medical and healthcare translators.

New phrases must be created across all languages to be understood throughout every region and/or culture.

For example, a region in Mexico may speak Spanish, while another region may speak a different dialect of Spanish and have varying expressions for different sayings.

Some English words may be accepted globally, however, it is difficult to accurately translate new terms in a way that matches the cultural, and linguistic requirements of the target language.

This is another reason why translation services are so vital at this time, and why linguistic experts need to focus on how to properly translate any new medical terms associated with the pandemic.

Language Translation Services: for Preventative Measures

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, all languages and cultures need to be educated on how the virus is contracted and spread.

Educating the public on any preventative measures such as wearing a mask, washing your hands for 20 seconds or more, staying six feet apart from others and so on, will protect individuals from contracting and spreading the virus.

Information about the pandemic is constantly being updated, changed and distributed as we learn more about this disease, and translation services are needed in order to everyone in the public to understand what is needed and required of them.

Medical Translations: Translating Patient Information

In-person translation and interpretation services became less available due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

However, this didn’t mean that the need for medical translation services decreased. Instead, the pandemic increased the demand for medical translation services tenfold.

Remote interpreters and remote language services filled the need for patients to properly communicate with medical staff and vice versa.

Professional language services are vital for effective communication and successful patient treatments by giving important patient care information to the medical staff, in the language of the patient.

Language services also allow doctors to communicate with the patient’s loved ones, which can also improve the success of the patient’s treatments after being discharged from the hospital.

How Translation Services Can Help You Get Vaccinated

Language translation and interpretation services allow the population to get vaccinated.

Studies show that one-in-five U.S. residents speak a native language other than English at home. Of these individuals, 41.5 million individuals speak Spanish at home.

These populations are also historically underserved by healthcare organizations, which automatically puts them at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19.

By providing accurate translation services, the underserved and at-risk populations will experience less health discrepancies and ultimately, be safer from the virus.

Multilingual language companies who provide Spanish translations help the federal, state and local governments care for and inform the individuals who have language barriers.

Immigrants, refugees and minority communities are all unjustifiably affected by COVID-19 due to the harsh language barriers and new medical terminologies that cannot be accurately translated to them.

Without professional and accurate language services, the pandemic could not be controlled in areas where there are diverse cultures with varying languages.

By presenting the message in one language, we cannot assume that it will get across to each culture the same way.

Every culture in the world has a human right, not convenience, to be provided vital information that will protect them from something as dangerous as the COVID pandemic.

At Language Concepts, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the necessary translation services that they need in order to understand the vital information surrounding COVID-19.

For more information on how our services can help you, contact us on our website.

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