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Spanish Legal Translations

The demand of translating Spanish legal documents cannot be undervalued as there are millions of families in the U.S. who need a certified translator’s assistance.

Legal documents are especially important because individuals could be signing away their rights, belongings, businesses and more, without even understanding what they are reading or signing for.

From a minor traffic ticket to a court-appointed document, business document, or any other legal report, a certified legal translator is vital in translating or interpreting any legal documents.

A small legal translation error can result in a major mistake later on, and Language Concepts wants you to understand that we’re here for your Spanish legal translation needs.

Spanish Legal Translations | Legal Translations

How to Translate Legal Documents

Every legal translation project is different and requires more than simply converting legal material from one language to another.

A few key factors involved in translating legal documents include language pairs, legal systems involved, document/content type(s), urgency for the translation, and the complexity of the document(s).

While the needs for each legal translation are different, a common factor is that a professional legal translator is needed for the precise task.

Language Concepts is able to legally translate agreements, contracts, files, emails, certificates, legal records, diplomas, transcripts, divorce rulings, powers of attorney, wills and much more.

Certified Legal Translations: in Spanish

Translation services are in high demand and the profession requires more from translators than simply being bilingual.

Language is a form of expression and in legal settings, translations require extra attention.

At Language Concepts, our expert translators and interpreters are certified to handle any legal documents in order to provide our clients with the professional, Spanish legal translation services that they need.

Here are the key factors that our specialized linguists need in order to provide our clients with our Spanish legal translations:

Language Proficiency

Language Concepts uses native speakers for the languages that we translate into because language proficiency surpasses being able to speak, write and understand a language.

Professional legal translations must be translated into the correct dialect and region for where the translation is going to be used.

A Spanish legal translation that is supposed to be translated in Chilean-Spanish won’t be accurate if the translator specializes in Mexican-Spanish, so selecting the most appropriate legal linguistic is vital here.

Industry Fluency

Law is a specific language of its own where it doesn’t accommodate any errors.

Mistakes in the legal industry are costly, time-consuming and can damage an individual’s life if certain documents aren’t translated accurately or presented in the correct form.

Some legal documents include financial or technical terminologies; Therefore, the linguist should also be able to understand and use these terms in the correct form.

Legal Knowledge

Not only do legal translators translate between language groups and dialects, but they also translate between multiple legal systems and cultures.

Professional translators have to grasp every detail of the case, as well as what the translated document is going to be used for, in order to approach the legal translation as accurately as possible.

Each legal system is rooted in that system’s culture and history where it may differ from other legal systems.

Governmental agencies in Spain are different from the governmental organizations in Mexico or Peru, so the knowledge and usage of legal vocabularies is crucial for translators to understand.

Accuracy & Attention to Detail

Professional legal translators have to be vigilant in their occupation in order to provide their clients with the most meticulously translated documents.

In no circumstance should a translator alter the language or concepts throughout the documents that they’re working on. Translators may need to do further research on legal systems, industries and cultures involved in the case that they’re translating.

Whether the translated document is for an individual client or multi-million-dollar business, the legal paperwork needs to match the original document in order to be fully accurate.

Legal Document Translation English to Spanish

Language Concepts specializes in document translations and interpretations for the U.S. Hispanic community.

Our certified legal translations are translated by our experts to be submitted to U.S. governmental agencies such as the United States Citizen and Immigration Services, among various others.

To learn how Language Concepts can help you, visit us on our website!

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