How Translation Memory Works

As we have mentioned before, the use of Translation Memory (TM) software could offer potential and significant savings depending on the nature of the text, the volume of the content needed for translation and the frequency of the translation needs.

While the above is true, it usually takes time to build a solid and robust TM because it differs greatly from a Machine Translation or Automated Translation Software which automatically translate a document without any human contribution, faster than the speed of light. We´ll clearly explain how Translation Memory works in the least technical way possible. Promise!

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How to Save Money When You Order a Translation – Tip # 4 Make Sure you Build a Translation Memory

You have at least three options to accomplish this. You can buy a Translation Management System (TMS) that includes Translation Memory (TM) software. You can purchase the Translation Memory software alone. Or you can contract and work with a translation provider that uses TMS or TM software and builds and manages the Translation Memory for you. But what is the best option, and how does it save you money when you order a translation?

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How To Save Money When You Order a Translation: Tip #2 Provide Detail Instructions

Provide detailed instructions: We have found that often the person tasked with getting a particular piece or project translated does not necessarily understand the culture or the language of the target audience. That same person also may not understand how involved the process of translation can be. In order to save time and money, it is critical that you give your translation provider key instructions regarding the required regional variation, required layout and format, tone of communication, and purpose of the communication in addition to instructions on treatment of acronyms, numbers, and figures, etc. And if you have preferred terminology or even a glossary you need to provide it in advance.
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